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Apollo Urgent Care that empowering patients with information (patient education) is very critical for a optimal outcome in patient care and patient education is one of the important tools that helps drive towards that goal.

Here are credible and user friendly health sites that we feel good about recommending to our patients:

Mayo Clinic
Offers extensive disease/condition information, and goes a step further with its comprehensive and helpful “Treatment Decisions” section, Q&A section called “Ask a Specialist,” and a plethora of interactive quizzes, self-assessments, and calculators under “Health Tools”.

Web MD
Provides information regarding health and health care, including a symptom checklist, pharmacy information, “drugs information”, blogs of physicians with specific topics.

Patients can read about their prescriptions or research the various drugs available for their condition. This site provides an easy-to-use drug interactions checker, and an innovative pill identification wizard.

Medline Plus
Offers patients information on wellness, diseases, drugs, and other health topics, this site has an extensive searchable medical encyclopedia with cool pictures and diagrams.

National Institutes of Health
This Web site gives easy-to-read, accurate descriptions of conditions, causes, symptoms, and treatments by linking to trusted Web sites for specific information.

American Diabetes Association
Gives extensive information about diabetes, its treatments, and ongoing research, but it also offers patients advice on nutrition and meal planning, fitness regimes, and lifestyle changes, and connects them with support groups in their communities.

Cleveland Clinic
Provides well-organized information on diseases, treatments, procedures, drugs, and current research.

This site presents broader information on the patient experience, not only offering information on conditions and treatments, but tips for patients on choosing a doctor, understanding medical bills, navigating insurance coverage, and advocating for themselves.

The American Heart Association’s patient portal on heart disease supplies information, tools, videos, recipes, exercise tips, and expert advice for patients with heart disease and their families.

Insurance & Billing
Check our healthcare insurance and billing page to learn more about billing at our facility.

Disclaimer: The opinions, suggestions, recommendations or advises provided as part this patient education by these websites are solely theirs and in no way related to ours. Apollo Urgent Care PLLC, is not responsible for content and/or advise originating from these websites.


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